Boy Scouts of America 100 year aniversary

Boy Scout Troop 84

Somerville, New Jersey

Troop 84 Summer Camp 2005


Camp Bell

CAMP DATES: Sunday, August 7th to Saturday, August 13th, 2005

SHAKEDOWN: Friday, August 6th from 7 to 8 at the church. Note: if you can’t make the shakedown, please make other arrangements with Mrs. Eckardt.

EQUIPMENT: Bring to shakedown with equipment checklist signed by a parent.

DEPARTURE: 5:30 AM SHARP on Sunday, August 7th. DO NOT BE LATE!

Mr. Aubry will be in charge as Mrs. Eckardt will be there already.

EARLY DEPARTURE: Saturday, August 6th. Mrs. Eckardt will leave with two senior scouts and one other leader to set-up, attend early meetings, etc. 7AM--place to be announced.

WEAR: Class B’s: Troop t-shirt, Troop hat, hiking boots, bathing suit.

BRING: Daypack, lunch, drink, wallet with spending money (except for Cobras, Panthers and Hawks), rain jacket, car games/music, towel, and optional gear.

RETURN: Approximately 5:30 to 7PM on Saturday, August 13th. Scouts will be dropped off at their homes. Please pick up your gear soon after at Mr. Munley’s--but call before you come.

CONTACTS: Mrs. C. Aubry or Mrs. L. Quinn.

MEDICATIONS: Please give to Mrs. Donna Zimmerman at the shakedown with instructions. The camp nurse will administer medications 3X a day.

(Scout’s name) Troop 84 NJ

Camp Bell GSR

2-B Eileen Shore Drive

Gilmanton Iron Works, NH 03837

CAMP PHONE: (603) 524-4372 for incoming calls only. There is also a phone for adult leaders to use for out-going calls.

CAMP ACTIVITIES:  See the patrol activities selected and the camp programs available at Camp Bell. 

CONDUCT: Please talk to your son(s) before camp about showing scout spirit and following the Scout oath and laws.

EARLY DEPARTURE: No scouts will be allowed to leave or be picked up and brought home early. Parents please discuss this with your son.



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