Boy Scouts of America 100 year aniversary

Boy Scout Troop 84

Somerville, New Jersey

The Values in Scouting


by A First Class Scout in the Rattler Patrol

Friendship: In Scouting, friendship is very important.  You’ll learn how to: get along with others, meet new people, pick your friends, deal with peer pressure, etc. Friendship is important in Scouting.

Citizenship: Scouting helps you to become a better citizen within your community, nation, and world.  In your community, you may have to clean a walkway, park, parking lot, etc.  You also do fund raisers to raise money for the troop to make it better.  If you join Boy Scouts, you’ll do three merit badges: Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, and Citizenship in the World. They will help you learn more about where you live.

First Aid: First Aid is probably the most important thing that you learn in Boy Scouts. You will learn how to do the Heimlich maneuver, what to do for severe bleeding, internal poisoning, shock, various wounds, burns, and get C.P.R. certified, etc.  You could save someone’s life by learning first aid in Boy Scouts.  The First Aid merit badge can greatly improve your first aid skills

Cooking: When going on a trip with the Scouts, you will have to cook something.  By being in Boy Scouts, you will learn how to cook on trips. You will learn how to: correctly cook on a fire and a lightweight stove, plan meals, properly store leftover food, and what is good and isn’t good to cook, for all of your meals. If you join, getting the cooking merit badge will help improve your cooking skills.

Camping: In Scouts, you go on many camping trips. So being in Scouts will help you improve your camping skills. You will learn: the basics of camping, what the Outdoor Code means, how to plan a camping trip, how to select a campsite, where you should and shouldn’t camp on, etc. The camping merit badge will further help you perfect your camping skills.

Making the Most of Yourself: Boy Scouts helps you make the most of yourself by teaching you: good judgment, self-reliance, initiative, and the ability to learn. Scouting helps bring out the best in you.



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